Discover every country on Earth.

In just 3 minutes, you can get to know every country on Earth. Whether for your next vacation, because you recently heard about a specific country for the first time, because you want to see more of our world than anyone else, or because you want to discover exciting new countries – on Ourworldvideos, you'll find on-site videos from every country in the world.

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The window to all countries.

Here you will find the best and highest-quality video recordings of various countries collected and listed. No clickbait and no low-quality videos like on other video platforms.

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Different perspectives

You'll find aerial shots, captivating time-lapses, authentic cityscapes, and stunning landscape footage, and more.

Choose a country, and you'll find all the videos related to it.

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Imagine this! You can

discover countless new vacation destinations
see more of the world than anyone else
rediscover places you've been to before
explore the lives and daily routines of people all over the world

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The real view of the world.

You can be one of those who have seen the countries of the world just as they are. No sensational images, no misleading footage, no negative headlines.

Not every video shows all facets of a country, but the sum of the videos gives you an accurate picture of what life is like there.

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The random mode

With our random mode, you travel around the world randomly. Discover both familiar and unfamiliar places across the globe in short clips. You can also choose specific continents for exploration.

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The more you have seen, the better you understand our world.

There are many 'experts' who believe they know the world from the news. However, in the news, you usually only get a glimpse of incidents and disasters. Here, you get a real and unfiltered insight. The more videos you have seen, the more accurate your picture of a country becomes.

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See instantly what the videos contain.

Each video shows you in small icons what the video contains. Here, we briefly show you the icons:

Footage during a drive
HD recording
Longer than 10 minutes
Aerial / drone footage

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Filter videos to see what you want.

In the search, you can filter specifically by icons.

Video contains music
Video has original sound
People narrate something
Video includes time-lapse/slow motion

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Dreamlike places

Discover the most beautiful beaches, islands, and landscapes on our planet. Whether tourist hotspots or untouched nature, we have the videos for you. From the picturesque dream islands of the Maldives to the epic rainforests of the Americas or Africa, or the imposing deserts of the Earth: You can find it all with us.

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The poorest countries in the world.

On our site, we have also gathered videos from the poorest countries in the world. These recordings are not always of high quality simply because there are not enough recordings available. However, to provide you with insights into very impoverished countries, we have included such videos in our collection.

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The Ourworldvideos community.

Anyone can submit new videos. Join in and make the world more visible to everyone by finding high-quality video recordings of individual countries on YouTube and suggesting them to us. We already have over 3000 videos on our platform, each of which has been individually reviewed by us.

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Do you want to change the world?

It all starts with getting to know the world better. Especially the poorest countries in the world rely on external support until they overcome their internal issues.

There are countless initiatives and aid organizations for this purpose. If you truly want to make a difference, you can become a part of it. For some countries, we introduce relevant initiatives.

Become part of our WorldVideos community and help make the world a little better.

The more people know about this site, the more support there will be for development projects in poorer countries.

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